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Dear friends and creators of a new world, dear dropouts,

dear visionaries, free-spirits and different-doers, 



this event has been started to help us presenting our projects, visions, experiences in alternative parts of life, help and inspiration for a world more life-worthy to a greater audience, and become ourselves part of the audience of an expanding pool of all of this.



Day by day more and more people get interested in alternatives in all kinds of aspects of life, i.e. permaculture, free energy, new media, autarky and autonomy, freedom, sustainability, wealth, health, green economy, etc.pp.



All of us want to let the world become ONE again,

because we deeply BELIEVE

that a (much) better life on Earth ist possible.

For ALL of us, although it doesn’t seem possible to all of us yet.



For all of those, who DO think its possible, this event gives a way to step into action. Meet wherever you are, and start working on what really HELPS us. What is useful to help us all into a better life.



On the way, make use of modern technology to SHOW what you are doing. The more people see it, the more access people get to it. Up to date we had to do a lot of all this incognito, and through #TWBO, we can now do it TOGETHER and all OPEN. The more we are, the less we are stoppable.



To make it easier to find another,

everyone is invited to the

#TWBO-Camp 2018

on Mallorca.






This Camp is running since 9th of March 2018 on the This Camp is running since 9th of March 2018 on the This Camp is running since 9th of March 2018 on the WHOLE ISLAND, lasting for the rest of the year. Mallorca is a sufficiently grand, but clear camp- and festival-site.

It’s all FREE, and all what WE make of it!

Arrival and accommodation you take care of YOURSELF.

To make that easier again, there ist a Facebook-group in which everything can be coordinated, announced and found out; Where to get shelter (tent to villa, depending on your cash-flow), where to find whom to listen to their readings, workshops, seminars, concerts, etc. pp.



Here you can get inspired and all news!

Everything evolves by interests.



We do our very best to promote this event, and all of those participating. With a little help from everyone, this should work:

Who gives Workshops, Seminars, Readings, Concerts, etc can announce that in the Facebook-group.

Now, check this out: If you have a website, you can place the back linked logo of #TWBO (save from head of page) visibly on your landing page and get your logo placed in the list below. That means a lot of free advertisement not only for the event, but for anyone listed in the line-up! To profit from this banner-exchange, please send your logo in 200x100px -incl. the URL to the page you placed the #TWBO-logo on- to info@theworldbecomes.one. Is the logo visible on your site, you will be listed and found.

(To increase the advertising effect its warmly recommended to give a glimpse at what you do by having a SHOW once over the year somewhere on Mallorca for FREE to get reachable, and share this show as a demo of your works via livestream and video.)


And here now, Ladies and Gentlemen,

is our "LINE-UP":

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